05 October 2010

My new guilty pleasure...Wedding House

As part of my (cough) research (cough), I've been spending my days off consuming all the wedding blogs/ magazines/ photography sites/ and tv shows that I can. While most of it is very serious in nature, Channel 4 however, has created the most over-indulgent, hilarious wedding show ever, even topping Four Weddings, which pits four brides against eachother in a Come Dine With Me style wedding-off.

In Wedding House, the couples are allowed to indulge their ultimate wedding fantasies, and instead of the gorgeous, tastefully edited visions that came to mind when I had first heard of the show, I was gutted (and yet surprisingly delighted) to find that each wedding has a super tacky theme, and many of the couples are in costume! Tonights themes include: Alice in Wonderland, Turkish bathhouse, 101 Dalmations, and Moulin Rouge! HAHAHA! Why am I not shooting THESE weddings?!

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