02 October 2010

So many EMAILS!

Thank you to EVERYONE who has offered me advice, support, and encouragement over the past week. I've gotten some great leads including Senator David Norris's email address from my industrious friend, Sue. Norris, if you're reading this, you obviously got my email. We need your beard on board! Also got some fab sponsorship advice from one of my sister's good friends, Nikki, who wrote me the longest email ever from her iPhone...on a bus! You rock, missus!

Speaking of sponsors, I've got two so far. My mate, Marie has offered to help me build a proper website for this blog, and some bloke called Ronan on Boards.ie is doing me up some ads on Facebook. It's amazing how much useful information I've gotten from complete strangers! It's brilliant really. This must mean that the project is worth while, and that makes me feel good! Thanks to absolutely everyone for everything so far. It means so much to me.


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