29 September 2010

Hey Gay People!

Are you engaged? Do you want free wedding photos, but not the kind that come from your creepy, elderly uncle Bob who just happens own a Nikon with a 300mm zoom lens? (Who needs that much zoom at a wedding anyway?!) Well now's your chance to tell uncle Bob to take a hike!

I want to photograph your gay wedding. For free. You'll get me for the whole day from the "getting ready" shots all the way up to the first few dances in the evening. I then spend the next few weeks in post production to digitally optimise colour, lighting, contrast, that cake smudge on your brother's lapel, etc. After you get back from your honeymoon, you'll receive a DVD of your photos in High Resolution for printing. You must be aware, however, that I may use one or several of my favourite shots from the day in the final exhibition.

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