30 September 2010

A grand reception!

It's still early days. I do not want to get too far ahead of myself, but I'm so excited by the response I've gotten over the last 24 hours from friends on Facebook. Normally when I have a grandiose plan, I'll have one sleepless night over it, discuss it the next day with my sister, Shelby, decide it's absolute rubbish, and file it away under "absolute rubbish ideas." I think the difference between this project and most of my other ones, is that this one could actually mean a lot to the people I work with on it.

Photography, admittedly, is very expensive. As photographers, we're not trying to rip you off or anything. We put a LOT of work into your photos, but I can see where it can be such a financial strain on a wedding couple. As it stands now, if I were getting married, I wouldn't be able to afford a photographer.

On top of helping out all the couples that I can, I'll be fundraising as well...which scares me. I'm so frightened that I'll hold this exhibition at the end of the project, and not make any money. I'll hand over an envelope to Marriage Equality with 20 quid in it (that came from my own wallet) and they'll say "Thanks for nothing, Looooooooser!" Because in my nightmares, people still talk like they did in school. But if I can raise a bit of money for my organisations of choice, I'll be very happy. And so far, despite lack of funds, couples, and everything else, the response has be good. Very good indeed.

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